Residential Lawn & Garden Services

Brucies Lawnmowing & Garden Care provides an integrated service, offering lawnmowing, property maintenance, landscaping, and a comprehensive garden service.  We can help you with every aspect of your lawn & garden.

Our Services

Brucies currently provides garden based property maintenance services in the Auckland metropolitan area:

Lawn mowing

Mulch or catch, edges cut and paths/driveways blower swept.

Price depends on size and cutting method.

No matter the size of your garden a healthy green lawn can make a children's play area or a garden 'carpet'. Yes they do take work but the rewards are worth it if you follow a few guidelines and don't expect your grass to look like a bowling green!

Garden maintenance & re-modelling

Get inspired with our landscaping ideas and garden designs. Follow our expert advice on how to landscape and design your own garden with ease.

We are always available to help on deciding what, where and how with all garden questions.

Garden and Section tidy up

Rental or just too much to maintain? The Brucies Group enjoys the garden cleans as the real garden comes through once again.

Odd Jobs / Projects

Broken fences? Raised beds collapsing? New path? The Brucies Group is more than happy to attend to all those jobs that you don't get around to.

Products & specialties

Lawn mowing, hedges, garden clean-ups, planting, garden projects, laying turf, mulching, pruning, lawns, green waste removal, greenwaste, tidy up, mowing, advice, pruning hedges, professional service, one off, maintenance, renovations

Hedge trimming

Rubbish removal

Section clearing


We also provide a full range of commercial services.